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. Eve the mistress had worked out the scheme to make Ethan believe Jane was a selfish, worthless, gold-digging omega while Eve loved him for his personality, and saved his mother kind-heartedly.

Jane Four Months Later Ethan ushers the pups into my hospital room with a finger pressed to his lips.


It is a fantasy romance novel that brings out the passion of love, intensity, and drama set in a world of werewolves and packs. <strong>The Luna And Her Quadruplet Pups. The Luna and Her Quadruplet Pups novel is a werewolf romance book, written by Jane Above Story.


#Chapter 2 I am pregnant. ” This is an understatement. It was almost impossible.

27/10/2022. “No!”.

The male Alpha’s name is Ethan and the female.

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com, written by Jane Above Story. .

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“What’s wrong, Jane, can you not feel me inside you?”.
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Riley doesn’t own a dress like that, and even if she did, she’s with Linda and her brothers across town.



Sep 27, 2022 · The Luna And Her Quadruplet Pups (Book 1): Chap 1-77 Kindle Edition by Jane Above Story (Author) Format: Kindle Edition 4. . .

Sep 27, 2022 · Ethan and Jane were childhood sweethearts. She shrieked. Ethan’s harsh voice pierces the haze of my thoughts, drawing my attention back to his face. “What’s wrong, Jane, can you not feel me?”. Read The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups summary below.

This young couple messes up their first marriage by lack of trust.

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The Luna And Her Quadruplrt Pups Chapter 225.

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Despite my best efforts, I don’t see anyone fitting her description.

Then my mother died.